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Hi all. I'm glad I found this forum. Seems like a great source of information.
So anyway, in 2007, while I was 28 years old and pregnant, I had a pap smear come back with Level 3 dysplasia. We monitored it through the pregnancy and in mid-2008, after the birth, I had a LEEP procedure. Everything looked good afterwards.
It's now about a year later, I'm 30, and I'm seeing a different GYN, and a pap a couple weeks ago returned findings of atypical glandular cells.
I had been having no symptoms, no irregular bleeding, nothing. We jumped on it right away with a colpo and ECC, as well as an ultrasound primarily looking at my ovaries. I pretty much assumed I'd need to go the cone route this time.
Well, I got those results back yesterday -- the doctor said the lab found no indication of cancer, no dysplasia, no HPV, basically nothing that needed to be treated. They did find bacterial vaginosis, which I hadn't been having any symptoms of.
The GYN said I can go back to an annual pap smear. I don't want to look a gift biopsy in the mouth -- I was freaking out I would need a hysterectomy, and I basically got the best news possible. But I still don't understand what would have caused the atypical cells in the first place, and while I don't have any intuition that anything is wrong, I am just a little worried that they're missing something.
Is it pretty normal to not find any bad results following AGC? Should I just be grateful? It there some simple explanation?

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