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Hi all im new i joined the boards just for some advice and support for this. I recently had my first pap smear done i was so nervous and it was to me a little painful. Well the results came back and i was told i MIGHT have Cervical Dysplasia. I am going in Dec. 1st to have a colposcopy (not sure if i spelled it correct) I researched everything that goes on. The colposcopy does not make me too nervous if their is only the "vinegar" is the slight difference pretty much. Well i am nervous that if they need to take a cell sample to get a biposy done. Im hoping if im forced to do this "torture" lol that they will do a punch biposy? does it involve a needle being stuck into my cervix? im deathly afraid of needles..and doctors i have been having sever panic attacks since i got back the results and im so nervous. Please be honest and tell me exactly what they will do to me lol and how bad is the pain? I have a very low tolerence for pain.
There shouldn't be any needles used during a colposcopy, even if they do an ECC (endocervical curettage). The "punch" biopsy is the same thing as a "pinch" biopsy (I think). Basically, the doctor uses a tool that pinches off a sample of the irregular looking cells (or all of it, if there are only a few).

Sometimes the Colpo and biopsy is treatment and diagnostic. Some women don't need any further treatments after that.

Have you considered having the Gardasil vaccine?
Yes ive considered having the vaccine now. I never figured i needed it, i never thought anything was wrong. I was always careful but I smoked and did alot of other stuff i guess that helps the chances of getting HPV i havnt been tested for it though. So i guess they will probibly test me for it. Is it a blood test? like i said im deathly afraid of needles lol if need be ill get the blood tests done but i like being prepared and knowing ahead of time
Hey Chaotic trust me when i say i feel your worries.

I got a pap back about 6 months ago with LSIL (low grade squamous..) but she said it could possibly go away on its own..and that i should quit smoking. she was VERY non chalant about it and made me think i didnt have THAT much to worry bout. Needless to say i quit smoking for about a month and did nothing differently

my pap 6 months later still abnormal. And i have been given a doctors appt for the next step..which is possibly where you are at. After reading SO much information on the net about women who have healed themselves naturally with proper nutrition I am VERY interested in trying this. I am not advising that you dont listen to your doctor, but bare in mind you are young with probably a healthy immune system but its being compromised by smoking and you must try to stop.

Plenty of green leafy vegetables (Romaine lettuce, kale, broccoli)
Cruciferous vegetables (broccoli, kale, cabbage, cauliflower)
Beta cartone, Vitamin A ( carrots, bell peppers)
Folic acid (green leafy or supplimented along with vitamin b12)

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perhaps if you mention some of these things to your doctor they might be supportive and be able to ease your worries:wave: keep in touch and i hope to have good news at my next pap
thanks so much for the encouraging words, i have quit smoking its been at least 2 weeks since ive had a cig. and im quite proud of myself...since im more afraid of the dysplasia i know i wont pick up a cig. i just hope second hand smoke wont effect me too much. can someone explain to me what endocervical curettage is just in case they decide to do it? is that how they find if you have HPV or not? i dont know much about any of this but i have done research over alot of it...but i find it more calming to hear it from people who have had it done.
Hi Chaotic, an ecc (endocervial curettage) is a sampling that is taken from higher up in the endocervix (cervical canal). The pap is usually not able to obtain a sample of the cells that are located in that area so during a colposocpy this is usually performed to see whether or not any dysplasia is located there as it isn't visible. I would describe it as a sort of scraping to obtain the sample and the biopsies of the outer cervix are more of a pinch.
The HPV test is performed off the sample taken from the pap smear. Usually if there smear results are abnormal it will cause them to then test it for HPV. If there is dysplasia of the squamous cells (CIN - usually reflected as HGSIL or LGSIL on a smear) or if the dysplasia is glandular in nature (AIS - usually reflected as AGC or AGCUS) this is caused by HPV. The Digene test only detects 13 of the high risk strains (I'm just going to talk about HR HPV as those are the stains that have the *potential* to cause cancer) and it will only detect active infections. So testing negative for HPV doesn't mean a person is HPV free, it only means that there wasn't an active infection detected from the strains it tests for. Another possible cause to test negative for HPV when there is dyplasia is tjhat the viral load may have been too low to be detected.
ok now they said that if i do have something it is still mild and in teh first stage. So i shouldnt need a ecc right? i mean they said it is a VERY small ammount of abnomal cells. So i dont think it would have spread into there right? im sorry like i said i dont know much about this stuff
I doubt you'd need an ECC.

Just FYI: squamous cells are on the outer cervix and are sampled by a pap. Glandular cells are in the canal and can be sampled by an ECC.
alright...i didnt think i would need once since its not bad yet
I just wanted to clarify that the location of the dysplasia does not equal the severity. Mild dysplasia of the cervical squamous cells means that the abnormality only affects the first 1/3 of the cervical lining. (moderate dysplasia - CIN2 - affects 2/3 of the thickness of the lining and servere dysplasia affects the full thickness of the cervical lining without invading past it). Each woman is different, for some women the dysplasia may only cover a small area of the cervix and for others it may cover a large area but it is the depth (thickness of the lining) that the dyplasia reaches which determines the severity. Squamous cell dysplasia can occur anywhere in the cervix, even in the endocervcical canal so an ecc would be a part of a good cervical health screening as this area is not visible during a colposcopy. Most CIN1 dysplasias are not treated as they will often regress on their own, however it would still be a good idea to have an ecc as it could either rule out or rule in dysplasia that may exist higher in the endocervical canal. While glandular dyplasia can be a little trickier to treat it as it has skip lesions it would be unlikely that you have both squamous and glandular dysplasia however it is possible to have squamous dysplasia in the cervical canal.
I'm not sure if I explained that very well. I have tried to explain it before using fruit. If you think of your cervix as an orange (with a hole through the center) the cervical lining would be the peel and the actual cervix would be the orange. The dysplasia occurs in the peel and if it spreads deeper beyond the peel into the orange then it would be cancer (as that is when the cells have reached beyond the lining - peel - and invaded the nearby tissue - orange.) But it is important to note that not all dysplasia will necessarily progress. CIN1 will often regress on it's own, however it is important to monitor any dysplasia to ensure that it does not progress past a CIN3 stage.
Does that help?
yes a bit, now right now i have bad insurence coverage but i am getting married in december to a military man. My health insurence will cover everything i am told. So would it be bad to wait and have an ECC done when i got back in for my 3 or 6 months pap? I am also worried about pain. I am going to ask my doctor for something ahead of time du to the fact that i can get pinched on the arm by someone and cry i dont take pain well at all. what kind of medication would you recommend
I actually haven't ever taken anything but I have heard of women recommending taking a couple of advil before hand which can help with some of the pain and/or cramping that may be experienced.
Are you going to the colposcopy in December? If so that is when they would do the ecc, it is part of the colposcopy exam - it isn't performed during a pap. LSIL on a pap (which would correspond with a dysplasia diagnosis of CIN1 through a colposcopy) is considered to be mild and usually isn't treated as usually the body will take care of it and it will resolve on it's own. It's possible to progress/regress through the dysplasia levels at different speeds however it usually isn't treated until CIN2 and not until CIN3 if it is in adolescents. (studies show that CIN2 will often behave the same as CIN1 in adolescents). However, *if* the dysplasia is going to progress into cervical cancer (not all will) it usually takes a few years so generall speaking follow ups at even 6 months are relatively safe when dealing with CIN1. Of course I am not a doctor so please don't substitute what I am saying for any doctor's advice I am just speaking in general terms of what is considered 'norm' for dysplasia. Best wishes!
Also, I wanted to add - I know it is likely very scary for you right now as it all brand new to you but in my experience an ecc or cervical punch biospy if not too bad pain wise. The punch biospy are like a quick, burning pinch so to speak and the ecc (while not comfortable it isn't excruciating) is like a raw...scraping. It's hard to describe. I won't lie, in general it isn't a fun experience but it very bearable.
hmm im real worried now, my doctor told me she was only looking at my cervix with the colposcope or whatever it is called lol. She said no tools other than the colposcope and those used in the pap smear were going to be used
alright im just a little worried about the scraping like i said i can get flicked or pinched on the arm and cry..idk why i am just so well i easily bruise and bleed and such i dont like pain at all.
I'm sorry if I am causing you to worry - I really don't mean to I just don't want to lie about any of it. It honestly isn't very bad and it is over with very quick. I think even the pain from a pinch on the arm would last longer than the discomfort from a pinch biopsy. It will sting for a brief moment, in fact some women hardly even notice. Each woman is different in how much sensation she has in her cervix. I have heard of some women asking their doctor to prescribe them something for their anxiety, if you are feeling quite anxious about it you may ask your doctor if there is something he can do to help ease your mind. But, it really is over with quite quickly and I don't think you would be out of place if you shed a few tears. It can be an emotional thing to experience - whetherit be from physical pain or just all of the emotions that can be triggered. Believe in yourself, don't doubt you. You may just surprise yourself and be stonger than you thought you were!! ;-)
yeah i am really bad with that ive been having nonstop panic attacks
SimplyNat, thanks for that explanation. That helps me understand the differences between the mild/moderate/severe classifications.
Hey Everyone,

I was diagnosed with HPV and mild cervical dysplasia exactly one year ago. This was a real shock for me as and completely changed my life- putting me in a very high stress situation as well as inciting long term, unhealthy and depressive moods.

I have since tried to change my diet: eating lots of green leafy vegetables and taking vitamin supplements. My daily intake of supplements included Vitamins A, C, Selenium and Echinacea.

After 6 months and another abnormal pap test, I added herbal teas to the regimen. [U][B]The RESULT: Completely CURED[/B][/U]

I recommend all those who suffer from this to try what I did:

Each morning before breakfast, prepare a hot glass of tea consisting of bloodroot and echinacea herbs.

I took a table spoon of each herb and added it to 1 glass of water. Let boil, and sit for about 10 mins. Drink only the tea, not the herb extracts. I added organic honey to the mixture to mask the bitter taste.

I did this for about 5 months everyday before breakfast and again before bed. The herbs are naturally potent in clearing infections, and echinacea helps to boost the immune system (doctors say that the immune system, if strong enough, can clear the HPV infection on its own.)

I just received my normal pap test results. I know the infection can return, and I hope this procedure will keep me healthy and away from the disease. I highly recommend everyone to try it!

The mind is a powerful tool. If you want to fight your infection, believe it and do not let stress and hopelessness aggravate your current health situation. Good luck!

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