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Hey Everyone,

I was diagnosed with HPV and mild cervical dysplasia exactly one year ago. This was a real shock for me as and completely changed my life- putting me in a very high stress situation as well as inciting long term, unhealthy and depressive moods.

I have since tried to change my diet: eating lots of green leafy vegetables and taking vitamin supplements. My daily intake of supplements included Vitamins A, C, Selenium and Echinacea.

After 6 months and another abnormal pap test, I added herbal teas to the regimen. [U][B]The RESULT: Completely CURED[/B][/U]

I recommend all those who suffer from this to try what I did:

Each morning before breakfast, prepare a hot glass of tea consisting of bloodroot and echinacea herbs.

I took a table spoon of each herb and added it to 1 glass of water. Let boil, and sit for about 10 mins. Drink only the tea, not the herb extracts. I added organic honey to the mixture to mask the bitter taste.

I did this for about 5 months everyday before breakfast and again before bed. The herbs are naturally potent in clearing infections, and echinacea helps to boost the immune system (doctors say that the immune system, if strong enough, can clear the HPV infection on its own.)

I just received my normal pap test results. I know the infection can return, and I hope this procedure will keep me healthy and away from the disease. I highly recommend everyone to try it!

The mind is a powerful tool. If you want to fight your infection, believe it and do not let stress and hopelessness aggravate your current health situation. Good luck!

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