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I had no bleeding after mine. But after a couple days ive been having a discharge, lite blood clots, and some weard black stuff come out! Is that normal? As of today its only been a week since ive had the surgery!
Hi Shawnda, that sounds pretty normal to me. I didn't have a LEEP, but I had a CKC. The discharge from both are about the same. It is pretty typical to have a light bloody discharge for up to a week, then to have the brown/black chunky discharge. Some women have described it as looking like used coffee grounds. That discharge lasts for several days, then slowly goes away. Usually, after 2 weeks there is little to no discharge.

The black discharge is from a mixture called Monsel's solution. It has iodine in it. It is typically applied after procedures to the cervix because it helps stop the bleeding. When the iodine is mixed with blood it looks black.

Other than the discharge, how are you feeling?

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