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Hey everyone,

Just wanted to post about my latest follow-up for AIS. This was my third -- my first follow-up came back with a fine ECC, abnormal pap, but negative hpv. My second f/u had both a clean pap and ECC. At my latest, they saw two spots that looked slightly abnormal and took biopsies. One of those came back as CIN1, but my pap and ECC were still okay. I was hoping they would do another hpv test, but my doctor seems to think that since I tested negative at three months, I should be okay still. He's not worried about the CIN1 at all, although I am; hoping my body clears it soon and that this isn't the start of anything troublesome.

Anyway, my current plan is just to keep up with the follow-ups. My doctor seems to think I can start coming in less frequently next year, although I'm not comfortable with that. I'd rather stay on top of things in case something comes up again since I'd have a better chance of preserving my fertility if it's caught early on. I'm hoping that maybe I can just do follow-ups every four months instead of six.

Anyway, that's my update!
Hi Elizabeth! Well, although that's not the greatest news I guess, at least the ECC was clean. You are so brave for voluntarily putting yourself through all of those colpos/ecc's. I myself am due for another follow up pap a week from tomorrow. My last one, four months ago, came back normal, which was SUCH welcome news. But, as noted by yourself and brie, this does not mean that one is out of the woods just yet. I am confident we'll all beat this eventually; it may just take more time and effort than any of us would prefer. I will post an update once I get the results from my next pap.
Elizabeth and I seem to have a very similar schedule, so I thought I'd just jump in here with my results from my 3rd follow up for AIS.

Normal pap, negative HPV, and ECC was "insufficient for diagnosis"!!!

Doctor just recommends follow up in 3 months, but I'm annoyed at essentially missing out on the ECC. I know it's unlikely that anything's going with the negative HPV test. Ugh, I don't know whether I want to re-test.
Okay so I decided to stop being so neurotic and to just go back in 3 months. Despite the "insufficient" ECC, the negative HPV test and normal pap mean it's highly unlikely anything is going on. I am fine.

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