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Hi out there,
I really need some guidance and feedback! I had a LEEP done 2 weeks ago. Followed all doctors orders and after 7 days started had one day of pretty heavy bleeding. Looked like a scab came off, but not too much blood that made me need to go in to the doctor. No foul odor, no pain, but consist red blood for another 5 days. I went into the doc (not my real doc but someone covering) and he said I had and infection. I understand this can happen with any surgery but I am really upset because I followed doctors orders. No sex, no tampons, no nothing. I had to call yesterday because they put me on one antibiotic and I was in a lot of pain. Tight, burning and cramping. Backaches, and just really tired. Now on more antibiotics.

Is there anything else I can do to take care of myself?

I am in a very serious relationship and would also like clarification on when we can begin having sex again and if I can/should have the Guardasil vaccine. I would like to because I have been with my boyfriend for some time and we had thought my paps were clear, based on my regular pap smears, but it wasn't gone, so he has the strain that made me have CIN II. How do I get my body stronger to fight it off and prevent this in the future?

I was trying to ask the nurses and the doc that is covering but they have pretty much blown me off and are treating me as if I am bothering them with my questions.

Please help!
Thanks in advance!

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