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So glad you are feeling better! Sounds like you're really past the bad part, hopefully :)

You can eat lots of yogurt with live cultures to get your body back to its normal intestinal state after all the antibiotics. I've been eating some unsweetened yogurt every day since my recent procedure.

I'll try to help you as far as the HPV as I understand it (someone correct me if I'm wrong). The strain you are infected with is always with you. Your body's immune system can keep it in check hopefully. If you have an "insult" to your immune system (with me, this was my 3rd pregnancy), then the HPV can recur. I guess you could call it reinfection (just a matter of semantics), but it is a recurrence. However, of course at any time you could pick up another strain (there are high-risk strains and low-risk strains out there). HPV is transmitted from skin-to-skin contact, so while condoms help, they do not prevent.

I am [I]not[/I]saying this would happen to you, but unfortunately in my case, I acquired the high-risk strain I have when my husband had an affair (the other woman had had several cervical procedures - but I didn't know any of this at that time). Even though we used condoms back then for birth control, I still got infected. I also used to smoke in my 20s, and in all probability was still smoking when I contracted the HPV.

I have had mildly bad Paps in the past (I believe I was infected around 10 yrs ago). They always got worse during/after pregnancy (ASCUS) and then I had a few normal ones. I got lazy after my 3rd delivery and didn't go back to the gyn for like 1-1/2 yrs, and then learned I had a higher grade lesion on ECC, which I just had resected.

I have clear margins from my resection. However, yes there is still a small chance that I will have another abnormal Pap in spite of this. I will, however, be much more diligent about a clean diet, stress mitigation (exercise!!!), and trying to be as healthy as possible to keep this at bay.

If you are younger than I am, you have a great chance of keeping the virus in check! Thank you for the update, I was hoping you'd clear the infection and be fine after your LEEP.

[QUOTE=JDS16;4175879]Thank you both so very much! The doc just checked out my cervix and said it was healing well and noticed the little bit of blood that was oozing from the surgical wound and prescribed me antibiotics. Yes, I can't wait to see my doctor in six months. At least I will get some further attention. They say I don't need any follow up and that I should be fine after finishing all of the antibiotics.

So far so good! All drugs are gone and there is no bleeding or back pain or cramping. It took a few more days than they said it would but all is well. Thanks for the advice. I have been making sure to eat many more fresh, raw veggies and fruits. Also got back to the gym this weekend which I think helped as well.

So....I guess my last question is....what about when I am ready to get pregnant in a few years....I am planning a family with my current significant other, granted, not for a couple of years. I believe I will get reinfected with HPV, correct? It seems to me that there should be something (vaccine, process, etc) other than just condoms for this issue. Anyone have any further experience with this?

Erica - I hope you feel better!!! Remember to take good care of yourself and don't forget the power of positive thoughts!!! All the best to you!![/QUOTE]

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