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Hey Sunrise- I like you had the same questions. I myself wondered if the HPV was the particular strand that causes cervical cancer. My doctor speculated that it probably held a connection, and we never really discussed it further. I only assumed the particular HPV strand I have must be what's causing my dysplasia. Dysplasia seemed to be their main focus, and the HPV thing was an "oh by the way" mixed into the already overwhelming conversation about the dysplasia. I'm with you in that I don't know much about the connection between the two, and would like to learn more myself.

As far as the abnormal cells returning quickly...The doctors told me in my specific situation that it could take years for it to develop into cancer, and they'd diagnosed me with moderate dysplasia. So if you've been diagnosed with mild dysplasia that's probably why they have you on a "Wait and Watch" plan as they call it. If your doctor was overly concerned they'd schedule you for some sort of procedure to remove the abnormal growths right away, probably. I wouldn't worry as long as you continue with your follow-up appointments. The doctor will let you know when something/if something needs to be done. You should take folic acid, and beta-carotene. If you smoke, you should stop, because the chemicals in cigarettes supposedly speed the abnormal growths up.

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