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Aprice don't fret too much just yet. I too was in a similar situation. I had an abnormal pap test then they did the colposcopy. This came back showing moderate to severe dysplasia. After that they went in for a LEEP procedure. If you wind up having to have this I highly recommend requesting to be put to sleep for it. I had the LEEP on Jan 4 and am on day 22 of recovery. Since I was out for the procedure it was no biggie, but the recovery really sucks. I have been bleeding for 22 days and may continue to bleed for anywhere from another week to another 2 weeks! Ugh! But my margins came back clear on the LEEP. That means that they got all the bad cells and for now I am clear :) I would advise you not to worry too much. It may all be for nothing. It takes just as much energy to think positive thoughts as it does to think negative ones. I have a major history of female cancers in my family...cervial, uterine, and ovarian and my results came back good. I hope this makes you feel better. If you wind up having to do a LEEP I believe statistics show that it is 95% effective. Good luck and take it easy!

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