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Aprice- Although I'd had my cone biopsy and all my margins were clear for my first treatment of dysplasia, I'd told you that I was at risk for it returning. It may have not presented itself so soon, but when I was pregnant with my son I got a pap which came back abnormal, which my doctor and I knew it would, because I had visible lesions (not as bad as it sounds) on the outside of my labia and other places down there too.

She sent me to a gynecology/oncology doctor, who looked and informed me that he would treat me after I'd had my son. He also told me that pregnancy can speed the abnormal growths called dysplasia up, because your body is overwhelmed from being pregnant.

So yeah, that was in July, and here I am in January about to have my surgery tomorrow. So to answer you question, and your worry about waiting too long, look how long its been for me, I'll tell you like I told another woman on these boards, my doctor told me it could take years for dysplasia to develop into cancer, and I had been diagnosed with moderate dysplasia of the cervix.

You should definitely ask your doctor some of these questions he may be able to better explain things to you. I know for me its like I have all these questions, and the minute I see the doctor I forget them all. So writing things down is good, and I agree that having other women to talk to about this, is a really good stress reliever. I hope when your biopsy results come back that all is well. Let us know how it turns out.

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