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Have been having a lot of pressure and full, crampy feeling in my lower abdomen. Sometimes I look four months pregnant (I'm 5' 6.5", 116 pounds). I tought it was "slow bowels" - I'd eat some dried fruit and the bloated feeling would go away but there was still tenderness as if my internal organs were bruised. Also have pain deep into my right hip.

Had a bout of the stomach flu and didn't seem to bounce back so went to the doctor. Extremely tired but, again I was sick, and I am a single mom (as in the only parent - no shared custody) with a very busy schedule. The "full" feeling has gotten worse to the point of it feeling like it was hard to breath. The doctor (actually a nurse practitioner) immediately went to "ovarian cancer" and recommended an ultra sound which I will have next week. She did feel something during the exam - I assume a mass of some sort.

Obviously extremely concerned. I asked Fibroids? Endometriosis? Other? and she kept coming abck to OC. However, doing research I don't meet a lot of the criteria:

Thin, very healthy, 46, have had two kids. Periods started at 13.5. No history of OC in the family. On my dad's side women live into the 100s. My dad is 87 and my mom 77. My mother had very bad fibroids. I am very cystic - have had breast, hand, neck an head cysts removed.

Never have bleeding or spotting between periods, but I do have fairly painful ones with a lot of clotting.

So, thoughts, chances, similarites?

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