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Cervical mucus :(
Mar 10, 2010
I keep hesitating to post this here because I feel like I am going to give someone else a psychosomatic issue by reading this, but here goes.

Ever since my CKC, the amount of "wetness" has declined. By A LOT. At first I thought it was just healing, but it's been a year and it's really not going back to normal.

It makes me angry that no one mentioned this to me before I had surgery. Seriously search for "cervical mucus" and "conization" and you will find tons of links that discuss it. I don't know, but I kinda feel if someone had mentioned this possibility before I had surgery, I would have thought it was a fair trade off for not having cancer. Who knows, maybe I would have asked her to be more conservative on the CKC. As a post-surgery surprise with no options, it just sucks.

I feel like I am waayyy to young to have this issue. I haven't brought it up to my doctor because I feel like she will probably just tell me, "Use lube." Thanks but I figured that one out om my own. But every time he reaches for the's like I hear a voice in my head saying, "Remember that time you had cancer?" and that really ruins the mood.

So I guess I'm just wondering if anyone else has this issue and what you did about it! It's driving me nuts!!
My level of vaginal lubrication has always fluctuated, so I can't "blame" any lack of it on my CKC or on my total hyst. I do know that we use more lube. I also know sometimes we rush things a bit.

I understand the frustration and the train of thought. I'd like to offer a new train. How about "We need lube and I am cancer free."
Hi Lily --

I think you know my story -- I had a trachelectomy about a year ago, and like what happened with you, no one ever mentioned anything about cervical mucus ever being an issue. The first I heard of it was when I went to a fertility specialist (who had never heard of a trach, and insisted that it was impossible for me to get pregnant naturally -- um, yeah, I left him right away). Anyway, he said that with such little cervix (I only have about 5-10mm left after the trach), that lack of cervical mucus would be an issue, and that that's a problem for lots of women who's have LEEPs and CKCs.

Anyway, I then discussed this with two other fertility specialists, as well as my gyn/oncs and ob/gyn -- and they all said yes, it can be a problem, but not necessarily. Both of the gyn/oncs said no, this guy was wrong, and about 50% of trach patients actually get pregnant on their own (and therefore, cervical mucus was not an issue for a lot of women).

I was terrified that I was going to have this problem, but I am happy to report that I absolutely did not! At first though, I was taking something called Fertile Aid CM (for cervical mucus), which were just daily pills, since I was scared things wouldn't go so well once I started having sex again. Thankfully things were fine ;) I stopped taking the pills once I found out things were working fine, and I continue to not have a problem so I figured I didn't need them. Maybe try those pills? They were about $30 a bottle for a month's supply.

I'm sorry you're having this issue. Did you maybe change birth control as well? Perhaps it's a hormonal thing, and not directly related to your surgery?
Thanks Zoe and Pickle Eyes.

I'm definitely am going to try that Fertile CM stuff, but I think I will discuss it with the doctor first. Since I do not want to get pregnant right now, my concern is that it might help with the fertility too much!!!

I guess I just has this whole frustration going on with my vagina. It just doesn't seem like me down there. I have had [I]three[/I] yeast infections this year when before the CKC I had never had one! So of course I looked it up and guess what? Women who've have CKCs or LEEPs sometimes have a hard time keeping the good bacteria. I started taking acidophilus/probiotics and no yeast infections since then so that seems to be working.

Why is this information so hidden? Doctors tend to act like a chopping pieces off your cervix is no big deal. Maybe for most women it's not, but for some of us it changes a lot of things!! A lot of things that cost of lot of money and time and effort rto fix! I swear, if I hear "Just get your pap smears and you will be fine" ever again I am going to slap that person in the face.
So my doctor said nothing in the Fertile CM stuff shouldn't mess with my NuvaRing, so I've started taking it today and can't wait for it to start doing it's thing!!!

I was kinda disappointed in her though. She didn't seem to believe me about the wetness issue. She basically just said that my cervix looks fine and that it is still producing mucus, and then she asked me if I just wasn't turned on. This was seriously funny since my boyfriend WAS IN THE ROOM WITH ME. Sorry honey, you just don't turn me on like you used to...

I tried explaining that while there was mucus, it was much different than before and there was much less and it was sticky. She said that problem comes with age...and then she looked at my chart, I'm sure looking at my age, and said, "Though that wouldn't be the issue for you." Yeah, I didn't suddenly have this issue when I turned the ripe old age of 27.

She kept telling me to use Astroglide (duh) and also suggested Robitussin. Apparently it makes all mucus runny, not just phlegm in your chest.

So we'll see. Hopefully this stuff does the trick!
I'm definitely having the same issue post CKC. My surgery was recent and I was hoping it'd get better, but alas I don't think it will.

I have been faithfully taking acidophilus/probiotics since the surgery because my doc advised me that it would be a good idea to prevent yeast infections postop. Also, for lube I use coconut oil. It is all natural and lasts pretty long for me vs. the Astroglide or KY type of stuff. It also has a pleasant "coconutty" smell that I like. I'm going to look into the fertile CM stuff even though I am never getting pg again :)

I am also going to ask my naturopath about evening primrose oil, as I remember at some point this being used to enhance quantity of cervical mucus.
Robitussin? Really? HAHAHAHA. Doesn't Chris Rock do a skit about that???

Hope you're doing well, Lily. I go for a follow-up tomorrow -- will report back soon!

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