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[QUOTE=Gigi81;4202872]@ sharibrat:

Wow....How do you feel now after the LEEP? are you recovering ok?
I am really feeling anxious about the procedure and I feel completely helpless at the moment. I finally heard back from the doctor, but she has scheduled me for april 27th!!! I kept asking them if I could have it sooner and they can't seem to find an opening for me. I really like my doctor, but would you recommend that I try to find someone else who can do it sooner? And I'm not sure if my insurance will cover this. The doctor/clinic that I'm with now covers everything, but I don't know how much it will be in the end if I decide to go somewhere else.

I'm so afraid something might really go wrong in the next 1.5 months!

Please let me know what your results are when you get them. I'm thinking of you!!![/QUOTE]

Since the LEEP I feel extremely relieved and less worried. I am still worried about getting the pathology report and can't really 'let my guard down' that it's 'all okay' until I hear that they got it all and that there was nothing invasive. But I feel so much calmer and less worried than I did the past 3 weeks with all the anxiety from anticipating the surgery and overall worry.

I never had surgery or general anesthesia in my life before and I was very very worried about that. I guess I didn't realize just how worried I was about it, and I guess that is why I feel so much calmer now. I am quite a worrier so the past few weeks my life just sort of came to a standstill leading up to the surgery.

The surgery itself? Easy. Painless. I got some good anxiety drugs before they wheeled me in and within 20 seconds (yes, that fast) I didn't care about a thing. I was completely under for surgery and was waking up within an hour of going in. I have had absolutely NO pain whatsoever. Not even a tinge of pain. I took it easy for 3-4 days and felt tired, but that's it.

I am having some bleeding off and on, but it could be my period. A week and a half before the surgery I decided to go off the pill for good. I think that sent my body into ovulation because I had cramps even before the surgery and then the day after. So now, two weeks later, this bleeding could very well be a period. Who knows.

Sorry to go on and on here. I will let you know my results and I will keep you in my prayers if that is okay. I know how the waiting game can mess with your mind. As for waiting or finding another doctor, I guess you have to know how you cope. For me, that would have been torture and I would have wasted those weeks of my life because I just don't cope well. If you are able to be distracted and keep busy, then waiting might not be so bad. Good luck with your decision.

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