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Congrats on the "good" news. When I had my colpo & biopsy, I would have been thrilled with CIN I, too. As a person that just went through my LEEP, I would definitely recommend the LEEP if it is still CIN I in 3 months. Years ago, I had a doctor offer to do what I now think was a LEEP - possibly a cryo (I only half listened back then) for my recurrent ASCUS paps. I wish I had it done way back then. I would have much rather it was done and out of the way when it was just CIN I than allowing it to progress to CIN II or CIN III. Something about it moving closer to cancer freaked me out.

As for the LEEP, it was nothing major. My dr does them under anethesia, so I was taking a much needed nap. I woke up to some uncomfortable sensation in my belly and my labia aching. My dr confirmed to me at my follow-up appt today that she had the speculum in and open wide for a while, so I'm assuming that caused the ache in my labia. Fortunately my results came back as only CIN II with clear margins. I'm remaining positive about my results also. I know that doesn't mean that it can't come back, but I'm remaining faithful that I'm healed from this crap!! My mom and my cousin both have had LEEPs, and they've never had an abnormal pap again (my mom is going on 10-15 years). I go back in for a pap in June, so I'm counting on it being NORMAL!!! I think I'll cry when I hear that.

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