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I am a 38 year old mother of two and I teach at the college level about an hour from my home. About six weeks ago, I started having pain in my right buttock. It was most painful to drive, then walk, and eventually got to where I could hardly stand. It is now evident that it is in my pelvic area, but the only relief I get is laying down.

I thought something must be wrong with my hip or SI joint, however, on a whim, I mentioned to my doctor that I have also been having some gyn problems. I have been having pains in (or at least near) my right ovary and have been spotting irregularly for about six months. Due to NOVAsure uterine ablation, I do not have a regular period. But, I spot at least every two weeks... more lately. The pain in my ovary is definitely touch sensitive.

So, my doctor set me up with appointments with a new OB/gyn and an orthopedic specialist. I had the gyn appointment earlier this week. It turns out, my right ovary is swollen. He did a vaginal ultrasound, and there is a lump in my uterus (large enough that even my untrained eye could see it easily) that he suspects is my swollen ovary pushing on the uterine wall. So, I had a pelvic ultrasound the next day. I do not have the results from that or the many other tests he ordered (blood, urine, and some vaginal tests he did). I will have my orthopedic appointment tomorrow.

It is interesting, when I mentioned the gyn problems, I really thought that was a long-shot. But, the pelvic problems came out of nowhere, and it was located so close to the area where I had been having pain already (my ovary). Now, as I look at the causes of swollen ovaries, and symptoms of ovarian cancer... have I made a premature jump? :confused: I must admit that reading some of the posts here have only served to make me more worried. But, the spontaneous pelvic pain has me baffled. Does anyone have any insight into this?

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