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Thanks for responding and yes, I am scaring myself, mostly because I think I read too much. As for the size of the cysts, the functional cyst was about the size of a quarter and the complex with the separate areas (I keep forgetting the word) was about 4cm. She told me there were solid areas within it, but no free fluid (her words)

The fibroid was located on the outside of my uterus in near my back, according to the orthopedic doctor when I had the MRI; it was probably not causing my pain.

I do know that cysts usually resolve themselves especially functional, but the "burning sensation" I feel is almost constant now and I also feel a little bit of occasional burning on the right, both very low in the pelvic area.

Also, when I had the exam for colonoscopy two weeks ago, the doctor, pressed on that area.....I thought I would die. There is something going on there.

As for the D&C, about 4 years ago I had suffered from constant bleeding and my Ob/Gyn at that time (he has moved out of the state) scheduled me for one.

Unfortunately, the surgery was stopped and as I was told there is a "false opening into the uterus" and he was afraid to continue as he might tear the sides or enter the wrong area and be forced to do a complete hysterectomy. Have you ever heard of this? I know I'm the first, right?

I am glad you agree about the BC, I just refused to take them and could not believe she would order it; thus the new doctor.

I will learn more next week.

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