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Alright, let me start from the beginning. In January after getting very tired of the sciatic pain I saw an orthopedic doctor who ordered an MRI where he informed me that yes, I had some spinal stenosis, but that could be my age, I'm 53, but it might be the cyst on my left ovary, see my ob/gyn.

So, I did, she confirmed I had two cysts, a functional cyst and a complex cyst with separation, but no free fluid. She did inform me that my uterus was enlarged and thickened and my right ovary was MIA. The CA 125 was 10; see her in 6 to 9 months for a recheck.

Oh, one more item, the fibroid on the outside of my uterus is now calcified. Cool beans.

Near the end of February, I told her I was still have a lot of discomfort, could actually feel the cyst, also think my right ovary returned home as that side was uncomfortable too, also included was a burning sensation(s) dull ache, sciatic pain, tender breasts ( I have very very dense breast tissue) and wanted to see her again.

So, in the 5 mins she spent with me, no exam was completed, no ultra sound was done, I was given a prescription for BC pills and told to return the end of May. P.S. I smoke, am over 35, high risk for stroke?

Oh, oh, did I mention, I am due for a pap the end of May and according to the doctor, it is not covered until then. Change the CPT/ICD9 or 10 codes, duh!

So, finally I am convinced by friends and family to contact another doctor, and I see him next week; I am really, really scared. He wants my MRI report, my last mammogram, my last pap and is doing an ultrasound right then, he is fitting me into his schedule.

Basically, I am premenopausal, and still having regular periods, but with very large clots, yet my calcified fibroid is telling me my womb is dying, the lost ovary (if it is lost) is telling me the shop is closing. Heck close it, I had a tubal after my only [U]child at age 36.[/U] (not good) even now as I type this, there is a burning sensation almost constant now in the front and a throb or ache in the back. I know cysts can burst and cause pain, but repeatedly? I am scaring the .....what out of myself.

Oh, almost forgot, had a colonoscopy in between visit....clean, just wanted to be sure.

Can I convince the doctor to remove everything?

Thanks for letting me vent,

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