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Glad that you got all of that done and over with. Sorry it was so painful. I definitley think the method has a lot to do with it. If it was the Tao Brush, you would have seen a brush that looks similiar to a really big mascara brush, but white. The Pipelle, I believe, uses a suction method of taking cells. The Tao brush is simply a scraping that takes all of about 10 seconds. But for me, that tube that guides the brush in is what caused me the most pain for the whole thing. Feels good to get these things over with.
Not having that "Favor neoplastic " qualifier is a good thing. I had a friend who had AGUS like you, had the biopsies and it was truly nothing at all. Then again, it could be something so you do need to get checked, which you have, and soon you will have more information. To reassure you, my ECC results came back with CIN 1, cannot rule out High grade lesion. The endometrial biopsy came back normal. I started taking Pro-biotics because I heard the same thing you did, that yeast can cause this result. So, I took the pro-biotics and my last ECC came back no CIN, just rare atypical cells. However, another pap showed favor neoplastic, which is bad. I also had an ultrasound done. Ttally painless, and if you have a massive tumor, it will show it.
If they cannot diagnose the cause of your glandular abnormalities, your next step may be a cone biopsy. I gotta have one of those in June. Not looking forward to it.:(
Angel, I've read your posts with great interest as I has atypical glandular cells with a Pap in Jan. Following this, Ive had a colposcopy, d & c, LEEp, cone, and ultimately a hysterectomy on May 28. I am wondering about those glandular cells and although everyone, including my gyn-onc was convinced the hys would end my troubles, I have been diagnosed with a rare gynecological cancer known as adnoma malignum or minimally deviant adenocarcinoma. I hope all has gone well for you and if you get a chance, tell me of your hopeful progress. I was anxious about the glandular cells from ther beginning asnd I suppose, my fears have been confirmed.
I have the exact same thing...well, kind of...mine said atypical endocervical glandular cells, favor neoplastic. They cannot find the cause. My endometrial biopsy was normal. ECC showed CIN 1, which later regressed and said reactive. I had an MRI because of pain which showed I have Adenomyosis. Adenomyosis is endometriosis taht is inside the muscle of the uterus (myometrium). It causes excess gland cells to show up but still my doc doesn't think it caused the pap result. I am pretty scared as well. I have heard that in rare cases this can result from someone going on with other organs, such as the colon. I would request a pelvic/abdominal MRI with contrast. That should rule out any malignancies. Maybe a few blood tests (CA-125). Was the cone surgery real bad? What is there next step with you? I feel for ya! Will keep you in my prayers!

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