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I agree with everything Zoe says. I'll add my answers to your questions for a second opinion but I've never had an endometrial biopsy.

[I]* What is the most painful part about the procedures -- the actual biopsies, or when the doctor inserts the instruments into the cervix?[/I]

The ECC for sure. I didn't find the biopsies painful at all, so of course that is the winner.

[I]* Is there anything I can do to relax my cervical muscles during the procedure, hopefully to make it easier to pass the instruments through the canal?[/I]

Definitely take some pain killers before. I do a whole bunch of Midol before each procedure.

[I]* How long does the pain last? How would you describe it -- pinching, cramping, stabbing, sharp? On a scale from 1 to 10? Please be honest! I want to know what to expect.[/I]

The pain of the ECC last only as long as they are doing it. For my doctor, that's usally around 5 seconds. It is NOT stabbing or sharp pain at all. It's dull but intense. Sort of like bad cramps. I'd put the pain at about a 7, but again, it's only for 5 seconds. I am SURE you can handle it. But some women don't even feel the ECC at all. Maybe you will be one of them!

[I]* I've called a couple of OB/GYN offices (one was actually a gyn/onc) and asked if they would use a local anesthetic before these procedures, and neither of them will. Is this common? Why won't they do it? Does the local anesthetic not help?[/I]

I had a LEEP and I received the local anesthetic for that. They injected it into my cervix using several injections. Getting injections in my cervix hurts me MORE than the ECC, so getting a local anesthetic is really pointless for that. Though it might help with the pain involved with the opening of the cervix for the endo biopsy, I think it might not be that helpful with the swishing stuff Zoe is talking about. After all, they inject your cervix, so most of your uterus will probably not be numb. I'm not sure if there is anything they can do to prevent that short of putting you under or a spinal block.

[I]* Has anyone been prescribed pain killers (stronger than Advil or Tylenol) before these procedures, and did it help relieve the pain?[/I]

No I haven't and I really don't think they are necessary for biopsy and ECC. I can't say about the endometrial biopsy though. Also, I think Zoe's recommendation for Xanax of some anti-anxiety meds would be a good idea.

After my CKC, I awoke from surgery and I was in pain. I told the nurse and she gave me a 5 mg Percocet orally (even though I had an IV). It did NOTHING. I told her I was still in pain and she said, "Unfortunately, we can't make all your pain go away. We just reduce it." That is such crap. They can stop the pain. If I could do anything over again in my treatment, I would yell at that nurse and tell her to get me some real drugs. But I was stilly groggy from the anesthesia and I just didn't say anything.

I think doctors don't like to prescribe pain meds, possibly because of the risk of abuse, but seriously there is no reason for you to be in unnecessary pain. Tell your doctor that you want some pain killers. You don't have to use them if it isn't so bad, but at least you will have them. Not wanting to be in pain doesn't make you a baby, it makes you smart. You shouldn't have to suffer when there is stuff out there that could easily help you.

(That's my pain rant. Every time I think of that nusre I get really pissed off!!!)

[I]* Do you think that these procedures are just "uncomfortable" for most women, but that a few women have severe pain? I can't understand why the medical establishment would subject women to such painful procedures if the majority of women have severe pain. [/I]

I think you're right about it. Most of it is just uncomfortable. And like I said above, the procedures to numb you are way worse than the pain it causes, so they just aren't used.

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