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Thanks for your reply. My CA125 is slightly elevated. I have asked for an abdominal ultrasound but my gyn won't order one since my cone biopsy was normal. She said that the abdomen isn't her area and she wouldn't know what to do with the results anyway. I do have endometriosis but haven't been told if this could be the cause of the agus favor far I have no idea where the abnormal cells are originating from. The cone wasn't nearly as bad as I thought it would be. I thought the bleeding would be quite heavy but it wasn't. I had a brown discharge for about 4 weeks. I didn't need any pain medication. I have been having trouble with acid reflux for months now. I had a gastroscopy done and see my dr on Fri for results. I don't go for further testing until Nov which will be more than a year since my original diagnosis. Then she will do a repeat pap. ECC and colposcopy. I had a colonscopy a year ago since colon cancer runs in my family. Are you having a cone? ...what is next for you? Thanks again for responding to my post. It isn't easy to find someone else who has this diagnosis. I will keep you in my thoughts and prayers too.

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