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Hi everyone,
I have a few questions regarding HGSIL, that i can't seem to find answers on. A little background, Im 12 weeks pregnant and my pap, colpo, and biopsy came back with HGSIL with gland involvement. I found out i have HPV with my first preg when i was 25. My paps were always normal when i wasn't preg, but as soon as i was preg it would show low grade cells, this preg is the first it showed HGSIL. Im very nervous, they are sending me to an oncologist. Im just so scared that this is cancer. My OBGYN told me that if it was i would have to abort and have an emergency hysterectomy! Has anyone gone through this? What treatments are available? Can i countinue this pregnancy with HGSIL with gland involvement (abortion is not an option for me)? If anyone has some info on this please send it my way.

Thank you all in advance for taking the time to read my post:)
Marie, I am sorry you are going through this...

I had a bad pap (the first one ever) in Dec. 09. I got pregnant in Jan 2010, so I didn't have my repeat pap until after my pregnancy, as I was considered a high risk pregnancy because of placenta previa. Once I gave birth Oct 2010, I retested and my pap was normal but HPV positive. I then had the colpo and ECC, diagnosis AIS!!! I saw an gyn/onc and it was suspected that I had HPV throughout my entire pregnancy, as pregnancy comprimises your immune systmen which can "wake" the HPV.

My opinion is, get a second opinion!!!! I have read that most gyn and gyn/onc don't even treat AIS during pregnancy let alone call for an abortion. I would think that would only be necessary if your life was in danger and there was proof that your cancer was advanced.

More than likely my AIS was there through my whole pregnancy! I did just have a LAVH after having a CKC to confirm the AIS diagnosis but even then, I would have had the option of waiting if I wanted more children.

Sorry, I hope this making sense. My thoughts are jumbled because the thought of a OBGYN calling for an abortion at this stage makes me crazy! My baby is only 6 months and I can't even imagine what you are feeling....

I will check back later. Let me know if you have further questions and my thoughts are with you.
When I got my abnormal pap back in March, I bought a book that I think is very good and thorough. It's called "Abnormal Pap Smears - What Every Woman Should Know". I bought it from Amazon. It is much more than pap smears and includes the various stages through cancers. I read the whole thing and I do not recall it mentioning abortion as a remedy for HSIL in pregnant women anywhere.

Perhaps you could ask your gynecologist to refer you to a gynecologist-oncologist. They specialize in pre-cancers and cancers and may be able to talk to you about treatment options in more detail and more accurately than your OB-GYN who may spend most of her time delivering babies.

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