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i am a 28 yr old woman who is bleeding bright red blood with clots for the last five week, before that bleeding for 5- 6 weeks at a time with a weeks break in between for the last five months.
periods also abnormal but never this bad

severe abdo bloating and swelling
daily right pelvic pain, very sore to touch,
constipation and diarrahea,
pins and needles/numbness sensation going up my spine started lower a month and half ago, now its in the mid of my back almost daily,
increased urination in the last few weeks,
last 2 weeks shortness of breath and feels like palpations and pain in chest under right breast,
every now and then have a feeling as if my insides falling out and sore to walk and sit,
in last few weeks am after getting a weird sensation like my vagina is contracting, not period pains deeper inside you but much lower down
pain is after getting painful and causes bleeding now,
4 smear tests were down in the last 2 yrs, first 2 has slight changes, 2nd 2 were ok

to name a few......
had my bowel checked and camera down my throat, all clear, no ibs or wheat intolerance etc, was diagnosed with pcos last week and was sent to a gynae as during checks on my gall bladder something was seen on the scan, during internal scan a fibroid of 2.5 cm was found also,
was told my endometrial layer was not too thick??????

gynae wanted to book me in for a laproscopic and d&c procedure next week as she said she has more to look into,

any advice, i feel myself something is wrong, am not a usual worrier but i just know deep down it is not right


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