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Ok all, I went on Monday to the second Dr. It was really good to sit and talk to someone that could tell me everything. Basically I did have positive margins extending endocervical canal. It is still CIN3 or CIS so it is dangerous to keep it in there as it is higher up so also harder to see in a colpo. I will go back in August to have another pap and then schedule my hysterectomy. I am glad because she said otherwise I would have to have surgery after surgery and moniter it very closely and the chance of getting it all without the hysterectomy is not likely. So this puts my mind at ease because I dont want anymore kids and I am glad to get it taken care of. I will have support from my mother in law and friends to help with my small business and household chores so that is good too for my recovery time.

It isnt easy at first to swallow, but it is good to know what is and what isnt true about your body and what is going on.

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