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.... Wish my recovery was half this good.

Had cervical laser ablation on 11-9-11 as an outpatient., Actual procedure took about 15 minutes. No cramping, no bleeding afterwards. Very next day on Thursday the 10th, I got my period as expected. That lasted until the morning of Wednesday the 16th. For 2 days I had slightly blood tinged watery discharge, and some chunks here and there with the most god awful smell.. Drs. Said this was normal, no need to worry. The evening of Friday the 18th the discharge turned to bright red blood and small clots. Drs said this to was normal. Dealt with it a weekend and decided to call back on Monday the 20th, still telling me it was normal, not to worry. Well, on Tuesday the 21st after showering I was bleeding so heavily that I filled a bath towel, it was everywhere I walked and I had 2 rags between me to go to the ER. My obgyn is out on vaca. Until the 28th and his on call Dr. Said it was okay and my blood count was okay so he didnt care to come see me. I was soaking pads I'm the er and also the bed pad. But they were still sending me home. The RN that was on duty was very upset and suggested I go to another hospital. So I did. Atleast there the Dr gave me a pelvic exam. He opened me up and it was like world war 4 in that room. The blood and clots ran everywhere. He spent 15 minutes cleaning me out and the smell was so horrid. He was very very upset about that hospital sending me away like that. It seems the bleeding has slowed after a night of rest. Hopefully thanks to the Dr for cleaning me out it helps.

Has anyone else experienced this type of recovery?!!

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