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Help please
May 26, 2010
Hello everyone,

I am 28 years old married with 4 wonderful kids! I had a hysterectomy about 6 months ago now. The doctor took everything but my ovaries. I just found out that I have been thrown into meapause becuase of my surgery. Though I am worried as well. I have now been having other problems. I have reserched them and it sound like ovarian cancer but I need help know if this is how other women have felt. I am in pain around my hip lower area. It feels like my ovaries hurt all the time. Sometimes a lot more then other, but it seems to be very constent. I feel then need to pee all the time. A lot of times I sit down and don't go but I feel the need to go. I am never very hungrey. When you push on my lower abdominal it hurts so bad. I feel bloted down there. I am always tired! I don't sleep well at all. I am just not sure what to think about all of this. Please Help!!! Thank you for listing!

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