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Yes, Im 27. They are gonna remove all abnormal cells with enough to have healthy cells on the other end so when new tissue comes back it will be healthy. My doctors said that this would not effect my chances of having children but there are always those rare sideaffects such as cervical incompetence and etc.. Im going to a very good hospital, one of the best. I feel pretty confident in them.

What is AIS?

They said that after my leep they would send off the removed tissue for further biopsy. Obviously like everything else having to do with hpv there is no one answer, so asking what they think would happen didnt matter much being everyone is different. Because I have followed up every year and never missed a pap they said the chance that it would come back worse is very low. They said that this is very slow progressing. Im just hoping for the best.

Since Ive quit smoking I dont even let people smoke around me. Im not taking this situation lightly. Im eating tons of raw veggies, fruit and carefully junking out on vitamins. It is very frustrating to have hpv. Im trying to not let the things i cant control, control me. I am trying to do what ever it takes to kick this mean infection to the curb..:) Thanks for responding.
I wasn't sure what I would get back. I feel its important to blog tho, I had to find most of these things out via google so it helps.

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