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Hi. I had an abnormal pap last year in april and again this year in March. My pap in April of 09 was ascus, negative for hpv. And In March of 10 was ascus again but positive for hpv.

I have been in a monogomas relationship for for plus years and get the whole frustrating fundamentals of hpv... So Im not pointing my finger. I however have no one to talk to about my situatin and get advise from cause as popular as it may be, people just dont air there dirty laudry. I know i myself have felt very uncomfortable about it.

Any who. I had a colposcopy after my 2010 pap and 2 biopsies were taken one came back normal and the other came back as high grade cin II. This is the first year that i have ever tested positive. My doctor reasured me that this is very very slow progressing, and scheduled me for LEEP. Im in no way trying to get out of the procedure but am looking for a way to prevent this from happening again. Im definately scared but more for reasons of not being able to create a family or them finding something past what the eye can see.

I have been doing a ton of research and was wondering instead of talking side effects if anyone could concuer my research with their own personal experiences. It never hurts to know as much as you can and be your best advocate.

I have found research shows that people with HPV have low levels of CoQ10, Vitamin D, A, B6, B12 and folic acid. Ive read someones experience with opting out of leep and going on this special mixture of vitamins which left her Hpv negative 6 months later and with a full intact cervix..

Ive also read that Lycopene helps. Which is naturally found in tomato sauces, pink grapefruit, watermelon and mangos.

I have quit smoking since i got my results positive hpv results in March 2010 cold turkey. Ive been taking rainbow light multi's for women and since reading about these things will be upping some doses to the recommended levels and or adding these vitamins to my regimen. Also throwing in some green tea extract, echinacea, and vitamin c. What ever it takes.

It also says a diet high in rich veggies and fruits help kick some hpv a**.

Im not recommending anyone try this at home because everyones result and real issues are different. Please dont try to self treat yourself off of my information, Im kindly just asking if anyone else has tried this or has more information for me? Like I said I have no one to talk to except for my doctors, friends and family. But none of these people have the physical proof as they do not have what so many of us have.

I wish everyone tons of luck! My procedure is on June 15th 2010. Stay positive and laugh... A man cured himself from laughter. Where thers a will theres a way.

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