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Quiting smoking is probably the best thing you can do for as far as HPV is concerned, so good job on that! Pretty much every doctor told me that absolutely I should not smoke. I've never, ever smoked, but still they put this as #1 on the list.

I think the supplements we've talked about on here are beta glucan, this mushroom called coriolus (though really the mushroon and beta glucan are pretty much the same thing) and indole-3-carbinol (though that interferes with birth control) and folic acid.

About the LEEP, while I would never recommend not doing it, you should discuss with your doctor exactly what she is going to do. There is a serious amout of discretion involved. Some doctors like to conserve as much cervix as possible, and some like to remove well beyond the lesion to minimize the chance of recurrence.

I had CIN 1 and CIN 2, and my doctor only removed the tiniest area of CIN 2, it was about 2mm deep, and 3 mm in diameter. I have no studies to back this up, but I seriously can't imagine that removing a piece that small would have any negative consequences. (Of course in my case that sample end up showing AIS so I had to have a much larger piece removed anyway....)

The fact that you are no longer smoking definitely makes me think that you have an excellent shot at fighting it off. Smoking does really hurt your immune system. Besides, *most* women do fight it off after the LEEP, whether or not they make an effort to get healthy.

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