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Hi, Kellygirl. I had a CKC yesterday with general anethesia, because my colposcopy biopsy results were HGSIL-3 for both the cervix punch and the endocervical canal. I was in recovery for several hours because my BP was in the 170s. The nurse repeatedly gave me BP lowering meds and morphine. After I woke up, I told the nurse that when I take my BP at home, I usually cross my chest with my left arm which is where I have the wrist BP monitor. The nurse tried and my reading was 146. I was then released back to the SDS (same day surgery) room where I started. I was given apple juice, graham crackers, Sprite and sods crackers. I was there about an hour when the vaginal packing was removed and I was told I could dress. All together I was at the hospital about 7 hours. Today I am "normal" with less than a teaspoon for bleeding. Actually its a let down after all the worrying. lol I hope that the procedure is as simple to others. I have a followup appointment on 10 Sept. The gyn told me he will call me if he gets the pathology report before my appointment and there is a problem. The information given to me when i was discharged from the hospital was so scant that I'm back googling for what I should not be doing and for how long. That information is something that needs to be asked of the gyn before the procedure. My gyn is a great doctor, but asking me if I have any questions when I have no idea what to ask, is not helpful. Take care and try not to worry too much.

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