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Well, I went for a second opinion on Tuesday. I went to see a gyno this time. It took me three weeks to get in and during the wait I had some new symptoms. My discharge was different than normal, there was more of it and sometimes it was thick and yellowish with no odor and other times it seemed watery. A week after my period I spotted for a day. Also sex continues to be uncomfortable and I cramp for 20-30 minutes after, the last time I had sex I also spotted for a few hours afterwards. I'm a pretty healthy person, I exercise 5-7 days a week and I eat healthy foods. I don't have a lot of stress, (well about as much stress as a normal parent with toddlers has) but all of this is concerning.

Okay, so I went to my appointment and I felt like I was going to finally get some answers. Everything is going well, the nurses were really nice and then she tells me the Dr. would be in. Wrong. A guy comes in, fourth year medical student to be exact and wants to know whats going on and why I want to be seen. So I had to tell the whole story to him and the whole time I'm starting to get frustrated because I want to see a Dr, not a medical student. No offense, I know they have to learn so they can become doctors one day but I don't want them practicing on me. So he leaves and I hear him talking to another man in the hallway about what's going on with me and I assumed it was the Dr. I hear him say, "Tell her it's just a nabothian cyst.". At this point I'm getting upset because one, I already know it's probably a nabothian cyst and second the Dr hasn't even been in to see me or exam me yet. So the medical student comes back in and starts giving the spill about nabothian cysts and they are harmless blah blah blah. And I said, "Well, I already know what a natbothian cyst is and if I wasn't having any other symptoms I wouldn't be concerned, that's why I'm here." So he says he's going to go talk to the Dr again. The Dr finally comes in to meet me and exam me. He takes a peek and says, "It's gone, I can see where it was but yeah it must of burst." I said, "Are you sure, it was there this morning." He said yes he was sure and told me to sit up, didn't even feel around in there. I thought well, maybe he's right I can't see my cervix and I guess it could have burst. I was glad that it was gone but still concerned about everything else. I told him all the things that had been happening, (the spotting, cramping after sex, passing clots on my period,etc) and he proceeds to tell me that all that is normal and maybe I should be on birth control. I told him I didn't believe that would help anything because I have taken birth control before and I gain weight, and bleed the entire time I take it plus my husband has had a vasectomy. He tells me I need to have the Gardasil shot because I'm going to be 27 in a few months and won't be able to get it. He also told me that because of the shot they have almost wiped out cervical cancer. Yeah, I don't know that I really believe that.

I went ahead and got the shot, they told me that it was perfectly safe and that it would sting a little and my thigh maybe sore for a few days. So I left the Doctors office feeling good that the cyst was gone, but unsatisfied because I don't really think the other things going on are "normal". So yesterday I noticed that I was spotting again in my discharge and I decided to check my cervix and lo and behold the cyst is still there, hard as a rock. I don't know what he thought he saw, maybe a place where there had been one before but the main one that's been there is still there. Then last night I started bleeding more and then when I woke up this morning it was heavy and I was cramping badly (comparible to labor pains). I took some excedrin because it was all I had and it has helped some. Thing is I shouldn't have started my period until the 7th or 8th. I also feel very tired and worn down and shouldn’t because I get enough sleep. I don't know if this is from the Gardasil (which after reading about its side effects on the internet makes me wish I hadn't got it) or it's something else. At this point I am getting frustrated, I feel like I haven't gotten real answers and that I am being wrote off. I do apologize for the lengthy posts, I am just not really sure what I should do at this point. If I should just let it go and see what happens or try to go somewhere else.

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