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I had a LEEP almost 3 weeks ago, May 24. First two weeks were fine - just discharge, hardly no blood or pain. I had my period the beginning of the second week, June 1. Than at the end of the second week (last sunday) I started bleeding heavily - luckily it only lastest for a dayish and was not heavy to soak pads quickly. That last about 5 days and tapered off at the end of the 5 days. Than on Friday afternoon (yesterday), I started bleeding heavily again but this time I had clots - eww! I had several big one that were solidish which were kind of rubbery and had gruley stuff in them (yes, gross I looked at them and dissected them). The bleeding slowed down over night and I had a clot this morning but now it is pretty much subsided.

But I am also been having for the last few day, abdominal soreness and pain but not like cramps like where i ususally have them for my period etc. But on the sides of my stomach, right underneath my breasts, some down near the female organs areas but mostly on the outer lying areas of the abs.

I can't think of what else it could be except are all of the sudden my muscles all sore from the LEEP - 3 weeks in??

I do have diabetes but very controlled and I am newly diagnosed and have no complications - so I don't think this is my stomach (like stomach upset or air in the stomach)- it feels like my muscles. I can tell when I get air in my stomach and this doesn't feel like it. Sometimes in the middle of my abs but more around the around the ends and top. Make sense?

Has anyone has this after their LEEP? I am not quite sure exactly where my cervix begins and ends but i know it is different for every women. Are these pains and aches from the LEEP and maybe the pain is from my cervix still healing?

I go for a followup on Monday (Yeah!) so I can find out more than. Ugh. this is has been a crappy experience. It seems so weird that most of the complications start way after the procedure is done and there are so many things they don't tell you - about the clots (and some say it is abnormal but seems like tons of women have them and their doctors say they are OK -I hope mine are over!) and any pain - what is normal and what is not? I can't tell what is the LEEP healing or might it be something else.

I hope I never have to do this again. I am scared about my results. I had CINII but I am not sure how much was cut off. My procedure was really pretty easy so I think the woman did a good job. I don't liike the healing process. It is taking longer than I expected. I hate these pads.

Anyhow, did anyone have a lot of abdominal muscle soreness? It is almost I overdid it on the ab crunches or something is the best way I can describe it but down a little deeper maybe.

Thanks ladies! :wave:
Hi, I had my LEEP on June 4, and have also been having abdominal pain. I was having very similar symptoms as yours, and a couple evenings in a row it actually felt like I was having contractions in my abdomen. I went to the doctor and they said I had an infection. I am on antibiotics now, which make me nautious, so they gave me something for that too (unfortunately I can't take it at work because it's a sedative and makes me fall asleep).

I kept thinking I might be pregnant even before my LEEP, due to breast soreness, dizziness, heartburn and nausea (and we were trying to get pregnant before I found out I needed a LEEP), but the doc took a urine test and said I wasn't. Then those abdominal contractions really made me wonder if I was preggo and it had been too early to detect it, and maybe I was miscarrying.

But now my post-LEEP bleeding has turned from the light brown pinkish discharge to bright red blood for the past two days, so I don't know if it's my period or just post-LEEP bleeding. I feel like a mental and emotional mess.

I wish the docs and nurses had warned me about the after-effects of the LEEP. They acted so casual about the procedure, because they do it everyday I guess. But it really has been a nightmare.

I wish you well, and hope you don't have an infection like me. You should definitely tell your doc about your symptoms at your follow-up. Good luck!

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