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I just wanted to say that cervical inflammation and various vaginal infections can make the cells look abnormal on a pap, causing the pap to be misread as dysplasia (pre-cancerous cells). I think that is what happened to me, though my whole saga is still baffling me. Anyway, I had an ASCUS pap and positive for high-risk HPV, then a colposcopy where the GYN said my cervix looked perfectly fine (no biopsies), then diagnosis of "mild dysplasia" in tissue she scraped from my cervical canal, then a LEEP with a pathology report showing no signs of HPV, dysplasia or malignancy. The conclusion was that I had atypical cells caused by reactive changes brought on by marked cervicitis.

So try not to worry too much. My GYN told me that both cervicitis (which she said is not treatable???) and changes after the menopause can look like precancerous changes on a pap. I was thinking that your discharge etc. could be due to an infection.
I too have been diagnosed with chronic cervicitis and cervical stenosis, caused by a LEEP procedure I had two years ago. My symptoms started with discharge-lots of it-which no doctor ever took seriously until I had an ASCUS pap (caused by the cervicitis) after going back in due to severe pelvic pain. I had to go to the ER twice for the pain before someone finally started taking my complaints seriously.

Cervicitis IS treatable!! Thats crazy that your doctor said its not, onestichatatim...May be time to seek a second opinion. There are various medications and suppositories they can try as well as a couple surgery options. I mean, none of the treatments are glamorous and they don't always work, but there are lots of things they can do to help you. I've had some success with herbal treatments for the inflammation-garlic, ginger, turmeric, and some chinese herbs are all especially good for helping reduce inflammation, which is basically what cervicitis is. And of course green leafy veggies and folic acid supplements!!

a4nelson-how are things going? Have you had any more results from tests and things? Please keep us posted!

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