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Hi there,

My recent PAP came back CIN 3 and I was referred for coloscopy.... just over a week before that I had an early miscarriage, didn't even realise I was pg till i was loosing it. 1st 2 babies were fertility treatment so it was a big shock, but would have been very welcome...
Anyway, went for coloscopy and Dr said I was CIN3 and query glandular:confused:
My head was all over the place so I didn't ask her to explaine the glandular thing, she said there were 3 clear areas but due to m/c she couldn't do leep as high risk of bleeding, she's advised I'll have to wait 6 weeks till hormones are settled and come back.. She has advised me to be careful not to get pg as this needs sorted.
I'm now really worried about the wait, the glandular and that I need to get it sorted as well as dealing with the m/c.
Any advice/info would be greatly appreciated, sorry it's such a long ramble..

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