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I am probably a bit older than you (Post Menopausal)- but I also had my LEEP 4 weeks ago as a result of an abnormal pap in March. I am still bleeding and visited the ER last week for excessive bleeding. I've been told over and over, that this is normal but feel like I can't venture far from a bathroom. They put additional medicine on my cervix to stop the bleeding and this only helped for a few hours. Before this surgery, I had no spotting or abnormal bleeding at all. They are not attributing this to uterine bleeding. I continue to wait for a reply from my Dr - to eliminate any more re-checks and to come in for a uterine biopsy.

With every appt - there is a copay, I know exactly how you feel. Very frightened about outcome !! Hang in there, you're young and probably normal for a heavier flow after this procedure.

Good luck
I had my LEEP earlier this year, and I also started my period a couple of days after. I normally have a very light period that only lasts a few days. The period that I had after my LEEP was heavier than normal. I had a hard time distiguishing if it was bleeding due to my period or the LEEP. The only way I could tell that I was on my period was because of the cramps. The bleeding was only heavier for the time that my normal period would last. Then I went to more of a red tinged liquid discharge. As long as you are not soaking more than a pad an hour, you are healing normally. BTW - I had a discharge for about 3 - 4 weeks after my LEEP. This is normal, and some people take even longer to heal. You will probably notice the discharge getting less over time. I was able to switch to panty liners for the last couple of weeks.

I agree with Pickles. You should check with your local health clinic or Planned Parenthood for your follow-up paps.

Also, demand that your doctor give your results to you over the phone in the future. You should not have had to pay another $80 to get your results. I have moved a lot, so I've had several gynos over my life. I've never had one make me come in for results. I would understand if your doctor had to break some really bad news to you (like a cancer or AIS diagnosis), but CIN I or CIN II could be given over the phone.

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