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I just was release from a hospital stay from last Monday to that Friday and just found this site. I am concerned but trying not to get myself to scared but I was told during my pelvic exam from June 10th ER visit I had Ovarian cysts. Then was reafirmed during my inpatient stay that my CAT scan and Pelvic Ultra sounds (yes had 2 of these one on the 10th then again during inpatient stay) both showed I had a small ovarian cyst of approx 3.1 cm in left ovary and the right ovary showed a 7.1cm cyst still growing. the OBGYN who took on my case as my other OBGYN's no longer are around also order the tumor marker test I belive the CA 125 and I was told the normal range for women should be like 34-35 and mine is at 227.8 which freaks me out a lot.

At this point the OBGYN gave me a depoprovaria or depo shot saying he hopes this will help shink the cyst. Never heard of this being done before but I also don't make a living doing his job. Right now I have more questions then answers till I go back for a follow up visit from the hospital with him on June 30th. So one minute I am fine and the next I a terrified this is cancer.:confused:

Now I have other health issues and they are Juvinile Rheumatoid Arthritis and Osteo Arthritis as well as Fibromyalgia ergo I live in constant pain. Now I am 38yrs old I have two cerviexs and 2 Uterues fully formed one a bit larger then the other. It has been shown that I can not concive children and really at this point I don't want any as I can't even care for myself entirely without the loving assistance of my husband and other family members. I have also had two joint replacements my left Knee (9-11-01) and right Hip on (5-27-2002) which is really important I keep any and all infections closley monitored as to prevent the possibility of them migrating to those joint replacements.

In the last 5 yrs my periods have grown erratic where I can have 2-3 weeks bleeding or spotting along with cramping. Sometimes I have a heavy flow other times it is megar at best and what can only be called like dried blood as it is brownish. At times I clot heavily and other times not at all. My family has no history of Cancer especially any females. I am scared that like in all other things I have taken this burden on as well in Ovarian Cancer. anyone out there who can help ease my thoughts a bit until I see my OBGYN on the 30th?

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