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Hi, I agree it is important to find out what type you have. I too had a LAVH on May 28 because of an abnormal Pap (atypical glandular cells). Before that, I had a hysteroscopy, a LEEP, and a cone biopsy, and gyn onc was saying ..this is unusual, but you don't have invasive cancer. My inked margins were clear but pathology post hysterectomy indicated a 5mm mass (can't see that...microscopic) in my lower uterus and hence, invasive. My cancer type is very rare, adenoma malignum, and now since they are not sure how this type may progress, i am scheduled form pelvic radiation (internal and external) plus chemo (cisplatin) for 5 weeks. I am confident about early diagnosis and keep telling myself that I am going to beat this. You will as well!

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