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Cervical Cancer
Jul 15, 2010
My friend has been having severe abdominal pain, heavy vaginal bleeding, rectal bleeding, swollen stomach and extreme fatigue for several months. Friends were finally able to convince her to see her obgyn for a pap smear. She was diagnosed with HPV. The doctor said that she has some elevated levels and did a biopsy today. The doctor thinks that she may have cervical cancer. There is a history of cervical cancer on both sides of her family. She is only 19..... What do you think are the chances of it being cervical cancer? Does it sound like it has spread to other ares of her body? The biopsy results won't be back for 4 days.

Re: Cervical Cancer
Jul 15, 2010
What does she have elevated levels of? What tests?

Cervical cancer is not genetic, it is caused by high risk HPV.

I'm thinking the rectal bleeding is caused by something other than cervical cancer. I would lean toward constipation, which could also cause abdominal swelling and fatigue.

What did her doctor say her next step would be?
Re: Cervical Cancer
Jul 16, 2010
Oh my goodness she is so young!! Please do keep us posted and I too will keep her in my prayers. I know there is something called rectovaginal fistula which may be worth looking into-it can be caused by several things. You could also look up endometriosis which can cause a lot of pain and rectal bleeding. It takes cervical cancer so long to spread it would be a truly shocking case if thats what this turned out to be. Has she had prior paps or was this her first?

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