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May I ask how old you are? Are you wanting to preserve your fertility?

What was your actual form of dysplasia? squamous cell or glandular/columnar cell?

The LEEP and the CKC basically do the same thing; they remove a conical shaped tissue from the cervix with the larger part on the outer cervix and then a deep cut into the cervical canal. Both are used to determine the extent of cervical dysplasia and/or remove known dysplasia (usually squamous) on the cervix's surface (squamous cell)and in the cervical cana (glandular cell)l .

They are performed differently. A doctor will sometimes choose one over the other, depending on the type of dysplasia and sometimes simply based on what the doctor is trained to do. CKCs require more skill (from what I've read) than a LEEP, so some doctors don't offer the CKC for that simple reason.

Now, what is the difference between a CKC and a LEEP (also called a LLETZ, top hat, etc). They are both considered cone biopsies. They are just performed differently and sometimes for different reasons.

A LEEP is a "loop electrosurgical excision procedure" It uses a thin, low-voltage electrified wire loop to cut out abnormal tissue from the cervix. This is often done in the doctor's office. The cervix is numbed before the procedure, otherwise, the woman is awake for the procedure.

The LEEP cuts/burns the cone shaped tissue. The burning from the loop seals the intact cervix so it doesn't bleed as much and so it can heal faster. While burning the intact cervix, it also burns the edges of the tissue that is removed for biopsy. The down side to this is that the pathologist can't see all the way to the edge of the tissue, so he/she doesn't know if all of a lesion is removed.

The CKC (cold knife cone biopsy) is done under general anesthesia as an out patient. I was in and out of the surgery center in about 4 or 5 hours (from getting out of the car to getting back into the car). The CKC is performed with a knife. The knife cut edges of the biopsied tissue allows the pathologist to see all the way to the edge of the sample, to know if all of a lesion is removed (hence "clear edges" or margins). Many doctors run the electrified loop over the intact tissue after he/she has performed the CKC to seal off the tissue (reduce bleeding) and speed up recovery. A doctor can also perform other procedures during a CKC. I had a EEC, CKC, D&C, and an endometrial biopsy, all to determine the extent of my glandular cell dysplasia.

Many doctors use the LEEP for squamous cell dysplasia. CKC is typically used when glandular cell dysplasia is suspected (or known).

I need to go for now, I can write more later.

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