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I'm not sure why you would need a LEEP and a cone biopsy... The cone biopsy is a pretty extensive and invasive procedure that should cover whatever the LEEP would get I'm pretty sure.
Check with your doc and get your pathology reports. I had a general anesthesia for my LEEP and I would highly recommend it and I think its standard for a conization.
I was crampy for a day or two but otherwise recovered quickly.
Good luck!
tmr: I hope you've had you appointment and that this has been clarified, but a LEEP is a type of cone biopsy. They can also do a cone biposy using a knife that called a cold knife cone, and even use a laser. Your doctor probably just meant that you would have LEEP cone biopsy, not 2 different things.

There aren't really different degree of the procedure, but the doctor does decide how much cervix to remove. Your doctor could remove 2mm or 2cm or even more! Usually if they want to remove a lot, they will do it under general anesthesia. Usually doctors decide what to remove based on the size of the lesion on your cervix, but your input should also be a big part of that decision of how much cervix to remove. Removing more of your cervix decreases the risk of recurrence, but it increases the risk of pregnancy and fertility complications. So if you're done having kids or know that you never want them, you might want to let your doctor know to go ahead and make extra sure to get it all. But if you are worried about future fertility, most women go back to normal paps even if the entire lesion is not removed, so you might want to tell your doctor to be as conservative as possible.

Everyone has different reactions, but I've had a LEEP and it was seriously easy. By far the worst part was the numbing of the cervix. But even that, I didn't really have time even think "ow" before it was over.

Good luck!
If I were you, I'd ask to see a copy of the pathology report and have the procedure explained to you thoroughly before agreeing/declining to have it.

also, like someone said, a LEEP is a cone biopsy because it cuts out a conical shaped piece of the cervix. The LEEP is usually done in-office using a local anesthesia to the cervix. A CKC (cold knife cone) biopsy is performed under general anesthesia.

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