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After two months of debilitating pelvic pain and abnormal bleeding with several tests showing nothing I finally went in for my endometrial biopsy yesterday.
My doc tried to do the biopsy and could not because my cervix was too hard and closed up.
Although the diagnosis is not official yet she seems pretty confidant that I have cervical stenosis and after reading about it I would have to agree.
Apparently this is something that is becoming increasingly common in women who have had any procedure to remove atypical cervical cells or even a D&C.
These procedures cause the cervix to close up due to scar tissue and can cause severe pelvic pain as menstrual blood then gets trapped in the uterus causing all sorts of problems.
Everyone on here should be aware of this going into their battle with dysplasia as I had no idea that there could be complications this severe from the procedure.
It can cause infertility and endometriosis and it seems that most women have to have the cervix opened every couple months to release the blood because the dilation they do doesn't really work.
I'm going back to repeat the biopsy in a couple weeks after taking some crazy pill that will dilate all my reproductive organs so they can get in there and look around.
Fun times! Does anyone else out there know anything about this??

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