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Hello everyone! Just thought I'd introduce myself on here in case I need to be around a lot. I'm Heather, 25 years old on Wednesday (yay!) and after not having a pap smear since I was like eh 19 or so (my only pap ever), I had one done July 1st and it came back abnormal and I also tested positive for high-risk HPV. My doctor, based on the results and the details of them (I don't have a copy of my pap smear results but I will be asking for one when I go in!), wants to do a biopsy for sure so I'm going in August 4th for a colposcopy plus biopsy of the infected areas. She seems pretty concerned which has me very nervous. I wasn't sure exactly what all of this meant until I did some research and tapped into my senior thesis which was about HPV. At the very least, as I'm understanding it, I will have pre-cancerous cells in the area and we'll have to go from there. At the most, I have cancer. I'm more worried than I usually would be based off of all of the symptoms I've had for a long time, just never did anything about any of it. I know the HPV can't be anything new, I've been with my husband for 3 years and never slept around but I skipped out on years worth of pap smears because I was young and naive. Starting about 8 months ago or so, my periods started getting extremely irregular...they became late and then they have been absolutely horrible. Such bad cramps and lower back pain that I've had to crack out the heating pads, medicate myself and just hope I fall asleep. Puts me out for the first three days of my period for sure---even makes me physically sick. I also noticed, about a year ago, every month on the day before my period I've gotten horrible migraines. These last four months I have gotten migraines all the time now. On top of this, I have odored vaginal discharge, pelvis bloating and cramping/pain on a regular, daily basis, I noticed my vagina hurts on a regular basis--including during sex sometimes..just all around miserable. To stop it off, I get sick on a daily basis on top of feeling exhausted.

With all of those things wrapped up in having high-risk HPV plus an abnormal pap..I'm just scared. I'm only 25..I planned on starting a family in about two years time..I was working towards things in life and now I'm just terrified that it's all going down hill. August 4th couldn't get here soon enough (earliest they had open--I hate how OB offices back up so heavily!)

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