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I know I'm supposed to chill out about this, but it's really freaking me out, and am really confused by HPV and the likelihood of cervical cancer. < edited >

I was told that it takes YEARS to develop cervical cancer. There are girls/women on that site who are my age (33) or even a few years younger that have cc. One girl had a positive HPV test, then full blown cc a year later! It scares me, because mine first showed up almost a year ago (10 mos) when I was 8 weeks pregnant. I was so freaked out he agreed we didn't have to look with the colposcope and that we could wait until after I delivered. I delivered march 27th, went back 7 weeks later, he wanted to schedule. I called back to schedule, got the run around with the office, and got busy and forgot to try to schedule again. They called me two weeks ago to schedule me themselves, as I guess they were "checking up" on me. The nurse said my pap was barely anything...but how can they tell? I thought the pap was just a screening tool??

So now, of course, I'm thinking...what if I have cancer now? What if I have to have a hysterectomy? I want more kids! What is the likelihood of me having cancer 10 mos after an abnormal pap??


Well I had an abnormal pap after my son was born they wanted to do tests on me as well and I was also freaked out, haven't went back but now 8 months later I have been having inreglar periods, which I normally dont have.
My period color is sometimes darker then what I use to see it as, but I was told that was ok...

So your not the only one thats freaks out have you been told what level of bactria was after you got the pap results back... mine was in the meduim and I smoke too so that doesn't help.

Now I should really go back and get checked but thats scary about ten months later she had CC
Just schedule as soon as you can and try not to stress. There is a portion of cervical cancer that is swift-growing, but that is a very small portion. The majority of cervical cancers, from what I read, progress slowly over a period of approx. 10 to 30 years. My own cervical abnormalities slowly changed over a period of approx 7 years? (close to that, I'm not sure exactly), but when I started with the abnormalities I had been a very heavy smoker for over a decade with very poor nutrition and had a few other risk factors on the list as well (including unfaithful husband).

It is true that the Pap is just a screening test, but it's the first step. They can do your colposcopy and biopsy and hopefully everything will look fine (crossing fingers for you). Please keep us posted.
I will do that I have an apt next week I know its took a while to respond was in another state with the babies... But this is important and I have also started smoking less which i didnt think would be possible.
I KNOW its been a while I go tomorrow finally had the courage to go get looked at. Will tell you what she says... and go from there..

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