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I am so glad to hear that you are trying to help your daughter. That is wonderful!

I'm wondering if the results say she has all of those strains of HPV or if those are the ones that she was tested for and that she has (at least) one of them. From what I've read, I think the test results just mean that those are the strains that were tested and at least one is positive - not necessarily all of them.

Squamous cells are the cells on the outer cervix. Glandular cells are in the cervical canal. Between the two is a transition zone (TZ). Paps sample squamous cells and sometimes the doctor gets some glandular cells when he/she swipes the TZ.

HGSIL and Cin III are the same thing, I believe. They have significant cellular changes caused by HPV.

Hopefully, the LEEP will be diagnostic as well as treatment for your daughter. Sometimes, especially on a young woman (under 30), the removal of the dysplasia is enough to kick the immune system in to fight the negative effects of HPV.

I hope that helps.

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