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[QUOTE=sandi6806;4304250]I am still experiencing pain after a year-old emergency bowel resection to take care of scar tissue that had twisted unto itself. Apppareltly, this was congenital and there was no further concern. Since then, I've been experiencing pain in my left side which my gastro thought were adhesions. After seeing my OB they picked up an ovarian cyct (very small, enlarged ovary) and some fluid in the cul de sac, along with a suspected polyp in the uterus. CA-125 is at 42 and I'm scared to death. Are these related in any way and what type of doctor should I be seeing? I've heard the CA-125 can pick up other malignincies. Is that level high? I'm 46, had two healthy children.[/QUOTE]

I can't remember what my CA-125 level was, but from what I understand about that test it's more reliable as a gauge as to the progress of cancer treatment and not as a diagnostic tool. I had a hysterectomy in Nov. 2004 because of a large mass over my right ovary that turned out to be a borderline cancer.

I praise God that He got me through that and the prognosis is excellent. Even so, I continue seeing my gyn-oncologist for followups every year. In fact, my next appointment with him is in a couple of weeks.

On a related note, I had a small bowel resection this past November because of an incarcerated hernia. The hernia was repaired and about 10 cm of my small intestine was removed. I've had complications afterwards. Less than a month after surgery I was back in the hospital for an infected seroma, which the surgeon kept monitoring for a few months after I was released. I returned to the hospital a little over a week ago because I had a partial bowel obstruction.

The hernia repair failed, btw. He wants me to lose more weight before re-doing it, but I'm not sure if it failed because of that or the infected seroma. Maybe both.

I saw the same surgeon again, and the partial obstruction was relieved by meds. He believes it was caused by adhesions. He is unwilling to operate and I am scared that if something's not done, these adhesions will get worse and cause more problems.

So, since I had a followup with my gyn/oncologist anyway, which was scheduled before I got sick again, I will ask him to remove the adhesions. Wish me luck on that one.....I hope he will help.

Here's an excerpt from the Mayo Clinic website about the ca125:

[QUOTE]The cancer antigen 125 (CA 125) blood test isn't recommended for women with an average risk of ovarian cancer.

While women with ovarian cancer often have an elevated level of CA 125, an elevated CA 125 level doesn't always mean you have ovarian cancer. Some women with ovarian cancer never have an elevated CA 125 level.

Many other conditions also can cause an elevated CA 125 level, including:

Liver cirrhosis
Normal menstruation
Uterine fibroids
For these reasons, doctors don't recommend CA 125 testing in women with an average risk of ovarian cancer.[/QUOTE]

You can speak with a gyn-oncologist and get his/her take on this matter, but like I said, a number of things can make a ca125 go up that are NOT cancer-related.

Please keep us posted!

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