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Abnormal Pap
Aug 12, 2010
Hello, I hoping I can get some help and some words of encouragement. I went and got a pap smear about 2 1/2 weeks ago. My Doctor called me back about 3 days later and informed me that I had Trichomonas and some abnormal cells. She then prescribed me an antibiotic for the Trichomonas and asked me to come back after I finished my meds (after the "Trich" is cleared up) so she can look a the cells under a microscope (colposcopy).

I was really nervous when I heard about the abnormal cells and still am. I have not been back, due to the fact that my menstrual cycle has started. She told me to come back a week after my menstrual cycle ends.

After reading some of the posts on here, I called my Doctor and asked her what grade the cells are. She told me there is not grade and that there is only a grade if it is displasia.

After reading yet some more posts I called and asked for my pathology report and she told me that my pathology report shows "Metaplasia." I looked up metaplasia which is defined as - a process of cell growth or cell repair which is benign. This process normally occurs in unborn babies, during adolescence, and with the first first pregnancy. Studies have shown that metaplasia is present in more than one half of all women at some point in their development.

Can anyone please help me to understand why I need a colposcopy if the pathology report says - metaplasia? Also, could the trichomonas be causing the abnormal cells?

I may have some more questions later, but can someone please help me understand. I'm pretty nervous.

Thanks in advance!!

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