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Hi everyone,

I've had quite a journey over the last few months. In early March 2010 I had my first abnormal pap smear result, during the routine pre-approval checkup for the Mirena IUD. The results suggested "possible high grade squamous epithelial cells". This came as quite a shock to me, as to date I have been fairly regular with my tests, and the rest had all come back with clear results in the past.

I was referred to a specialist 2 hours drive out of town for follow-up, and underwent a colposcopy, which came back with... clear results. Another smear test was done during this proceedure. Contrary to the results of the colposcopy, this came back with the same results as the first - abnormal, with "possible 2nd or 3rd grade squamous cells".

I then underwent an ultrasound at the local hospital. The results came back clear - normal, healthy looking uterus.

After all of this, the specialist decided to put me on the public waiting list for a full LLETZ biopsy and samples taken from high up in my uterus. After a 2 month wait, I underwent this proceedure under general anaesthetic at the major hospital out of town. I also had the Mirena IUD inserted at the end of the operation. A follow-up appointment was scheduled 4 months down the track.

Well, today is the 3 week mark after having the LLETZ proceedure done, and I received a letter in the mail detailing the results. This is what is says:
LLETZ Cervix (high grade displasia on 2 paps despite normal colposcopy)

[*]Specimen of LLETZ biopsy 15mm across, 10mm thick, taken from cervical transformation zone.
[*]Patchy stromal inflammation.
[*]No evidence of CIN or invasive malignancy.


LLETZ biopsy - suspicious for adenocarcinoma in situ. Further report to follow.

Pathologist A

(here is the further report which followed)


"I agree that there is adenocarcinoma in-situ (AIS) of the surface endocervical epithelium extending into the underlying crypts. There is no evidence of invasive malignancy. However in block (2A) level 1 the AIS appears to extend very close to one diathermy margin".

Pathologist B[/QUOTE]

Is anybody able to please help me to translate the medical jargon into english, and confirm what these results are concluding? Did they find anything? Was it serious? Has it now been removed, or will I need any follow-up treatment?

I have not heard back from my GP or the specialist or anybody in the aftermath of these results being produced, so I have no idea where I stand, or if this ordeal is even remotely far from over :confused:

Thanks in advance to anyone who can help me. I'd appreciate some peace of mind.

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