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Its been 2 weeks since my leep. Everything so far has been pretty good except about 10 days ago I thought I had a bladder or UTI infection. Hurt when I used the bathroom, felt like I had to go when I didnt..etc. I didnt have a fever or anything and did a urine test at my PC dr, which came back clear. A day or two later everything was fine and now the same symptoms are back again. Has anyone had something like that happen?
I also had a brain MRI with contrast 3 days before it happened the first time, so I am not sure if it could be a reaction to that or not. My leep follow up is Wednesday and if it goes away again I will talk to her then. If not I will probably go to urgent care (weekend) and see if they can find anything. I am a little worried that there is something else going on. The reason they found the abnormal cells was because I had been having lower and left side abdominal pain. They did an ab and pelvic ultrasound a few weeks ago and didnt see anything. But who knows what could be going on.
Any ideas, reassurances or similar stories would be great!

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