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I've had abnormal paps on and off for 2 years...all ASCUS and one LSIL. I tested negative for HPV 2 years ago but tested positive for it last month. This prompted my dr to schedule a colposcopy and biopsy. He biopsies 3 areas.

The Endocervical Currettage results - fragments of benign endocervical tissue

Cervix - 9:00 - moderate CIN II

Cervix - 12:00 - Adenocarcinoma in situ in endocervical glandular mucosa.

I was in the waiting room to get my biopsy results when my phone range and it was the cancer clinic confirming my appt with an oncologist!!!! I said I hadn't made an appointment and they told me my doctor had. It was HORRIFIC.

Everyone had told me that it would be no big deal and I probably just needed to have some precancer cells burnt off, etc.

I have my gyn/oncologist appt tomorrow at 10:15 and am so scared. My dr said they would probably want to do a cone biopsy in the next week.

I am DEVASTATED. What does this mean?? Does anyone have any experience with AIS??

Thank you so much...please post back!

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