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For the past two weeks or so, I have been noticing brown spotting while I urinate. The spotting has now become almost.. clumpy and flaky? It's really difficult to describe, actually, but it's never been red.
Now, I've been noticing that my cervix is constantly sore. It almost feels as though it's swollen, and although the pain is manageable, it's irritating.
I've made an appt. with my doctor, but it's not until next week, and in the meantime I'm looking for some answers, even if they're not accurate. I'm terrified that it's cervical cancer.. does this seem plausible?

Side Note: I'm a virgin, and my period hasn't come this month. Also, (this is embarrassing), but for a while I wasn't using underwear.. is it possible I could have contracted an infection from poo particles?


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