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I hope you all can provide some insight. I was diagnosed with mild cervical dysplasia (CIL1) a few months ago. It was found on my annual PAP in June and confirmed with a colposcopy in July. I was told I have a high risk strain of HPV as well. Now, two months later, I've found two hard, painless swollen lymph nodes in my groin area. One on my right side is small (like the size of a pea and I had to feel around to find it. That could have been there the whole time. The one on my left side was the first one I noticed, as I was taking a shower yesterday. It is a bit bigger, approx 1.5cm. From what I understand, that's not huge but the whole cervical dysplasia thing has me freaked out. I know would be uncommon for CIL1 to turn into cancer in two months, but can it happen? I'm not due to go back for another PAP until December! I've read that cervical dysplasia and HPV do not cause swollen lymph nodes, but I know cervical cancer can...

Another thing to add is that I've had small swollen lymph nodes in my neck for 6 years. My doctors believe they are due to my bad allergies. I have a year round post nasal drip, even with Nasonex. I was scared to death when they popped up but two doctors told me I was fine and my CBC came back normal. Plus it's been 6 years...they have not gotten any bigger and I haven't experienced any symptoms associated with lymph node cancer. I've heard lymph nodes in your groin can swell due to allergies as well, so maybe this new issue is just more of the same. My dad has had allergy related swollen lymph nodes for like 30 years. If it wasn't for the cervical dysplasia, I probably wouldn't be that worried, but since I do have this issue...I'd just like to know what the odds are that it's connected.

Any input you could provide would be greatly appreciated!!!

Thanks in advance.
Hi Tvix,

I was looking for some insight..I know your post is old, but I was wondering if you ever found anything out regarding this? I am in the EXACT same situation you were, was just diagnosed with high-risk HPV in mid-November, so about 2 months ago...Before that, I had had a pap test a little over a year prior, which was normal...All other paps I've had have been normal. A few days ago, I noticed I had swollen lymph nodes in my groin, also smaller on the right side. I'm not scheduled for my colposcopy for another two weeks...Did you find out what was going on? I'm not sure if I should try to find another office to get me in IMMEDIATELY or go to urgent care, or just wait for my colp. I definitely want to remain fertile, so I'm wondering if this is something I should get checked out tomorrow or if it can wait...How fast can this progress?? Can it progress from LSIL and mild dysplasia to cancer in 2 months? Please let me know if you found anything out...This anxious girl would really appreciate it! And I hope your case has cleared by now! :wave:

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